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Monday, November 4, 2013

Whatever You Like, Whatever Excites You Records Neurocam

What’s So Special About this Camera System?

The Neurocam doesn’t just record videos of your whole day so you can replay it later. What it does instead is almost hard to believe; it reads your brainwaves. When it senses you getting excited about something, it switches on the video camera and records whatever you are looking at. Whenever you look at anything, the Neurocam gives it a numerical value somewhere between 1 and 100. If the value reaches 60 or above, watch out – because you are recording. Those recordings are stored so you can easily view them later.

There is also a manual mode that you can use with the Neorocam that will record things no matter your emotions.

As pictured above, the Neurocam is currently using an iPhone attached to the headset, but the designers are looking to replace the phone with something smaller down the road. This seems like a good idea, because an iPhone might feel a little bit heavy after wearing it around on your head all day.

The Wave of the Future?

The Neurocam may help pave the way for the day when our thoughts and emotions control our world more than our hands do. Indeed, this is part of Nuerowear’s hope. They can see the day when our emotions will control our televisions, our stereos, and more.

Feel free to check out a video of the Neurocam in action below.



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